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A Visit to Staten Island Pizza Legend Joe & Pat's

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Plus, how to eat a slice of NYC pizza.

Cheap eats expert Lucas Peterson visits the most underrated NYC borough in search the perfect New York slice. After traveling by ferry to Staten Island, he finds himself at Joe & Pat's, a family-owned parlor that's served up one of the city's finest specimens since 1960.

Experience the sights and sounds of a busy NYC pizzeria during lunchtime. Peterson talks to the owners and cooks about how it takes six months to a year before a pizzaiolo gets the hang of flattening the dough into an even, un-stretched round. Once baked, the crust is "cracker-thin, but it's still nice and crispy," and not floppy at all. Joe & Pat's serves a vodka pie that people love; the fried squid pizza is also a popular order. Bonus: Learn how to eat a proper NYC slice from one of the locals — it's said to taste better when eaten the right way.

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Joe & Pat Pizzeria and Restaurant

1758 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10314 (718) 981-0887