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Drug-Dealing Pizza Hut Employee Busted for Selling Heroin at Work

At least she waited till she went on break.

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Parmesan and red pepper flakes are mandatory accompaniments for pizza, but one Pizza Hut employee in Indiana was throwing in a side of hard drugs.

According to The Star Press, an undercover Delaware County sheriff's deputy accompanied Jennifer May Ailes, 25, and Troy Adam Littell, 31, to a Pizza Hut location in Muncie on Saturday afternoon. They parked in an alleyway and waited for 26-year-old Jade Voiles to go on break, at which point she reportedly emerged from the restaurant to sell them a half-gram of heroin.

Ailes and Littell were arrested in a traffic stop shortly thereafter, and police returned to Pizza Hut to arrest Voiles. They found the cash from the heroin sale in her purse, along with a small quantity of the drug and "several straws containing a white powder" that presumably was not Parmesan cheese. She's currently being held on $20,000 bond. Employees on duty at the Pizza Hut location said they could not comment on the incident.

Voiles isn't the first enterprising restaurant employee to sling drugs at work: Earlier this year a Burger King worker in Georgia was busted selling meth at the drive-thru window. Even worse than that was the pair of Taco Bell employees in Iowa who were cooking meth right alongside the chalupas and Mexican pizzas.

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