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Greg Westfall/Flickr

Dogs are said to be man's best friend, but that old adage didn't ring true for a young delivery driver in Ohio last week. According to the Toledo Blade18-year-old Ryan Brill was delivering food for Wild Wings n Things — a restaurant that serves wings and uh, other things — when he was shot. The perpetrator wasn't an armed robber or a hangry customer, however: Rather, it was the customer's canine companion.

The blade explains that customer Anthony Wulf placed his gun on a table before answering his door to greet Brill and get his food. Wulf says that his dog then knocked the gun to the floor, causing it to fire and hitting poor Brill in the leg. To Wulf's credit, he quickly ushered the delivery driver inside, performed first aid and called the police; no word on whether or not the dog made any effort to help, though its tail was almost certainly between its legs.

Brill spent a few hours in the hospital for his non-life threatening injury and will be on crutches for at least two weeks. No charges were pressed against Wulf, though he may need to opt for takeout rather than delivery in the future: Brill told the Blade, "I don’t know if I’m ever going to deliver to that guy again."

Being shot in the leg by a dog is pretty tame compared to what some delivery drivers go through: A Papa John's driver in Atlanta recently shot an armed robber in the face during an attempted carjacking, and in a somewhat more bizarre incident, two delivery drivers in Ohio were robbed by a group of men wielding swords.