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José Andrés vs. Donald Trump; Offensive Coca-Cola Ad Rebuttal

And more food world news to kick off the week.

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Hello again, Monday: In a bright spot of news for iPhone haters today, the taco emoji is now available on Android phones. Today's rollout also includes numerous other food emoji like cheese, the burrito, the hot dog, popcorn, and Champagne, so now Android users can better communicate their culinary desires to iOS-using friends.

In other fresh food news to start the week, celebrity chef José Andrés talks about his problems with presidential candidate Donald Trump, Coca-Cola's offensive Christmas ad hasn't gone unanswered, and there are some big problems with French cheese and Italian olive oil right now. Here now, all the food news you need to know this Monday:


José Andrés Speaks on His Legal Battle With Donald Trump

Jose Andres Courtesy of José Andrés

Spanish-American super-chef José Andrés is speaking out about his legal battle with Donald Trump. Following Trump's controversial comments about undocumented immigrants, Andrés pulled out of a deal to open a restaurant in an upcoming Trump-owned D.C. hotel. Trump sued Andrés' company for breach of contract and Andrés fired back with a countersuit, claiming Trump's "anti-Hispanic" statements made it impossible to open a Spanish restaurant at the hotel. Now, Andrés says pulling out of the deal and filing a lawsuit was his way of showing solidarity with the immigrant community, saying, "If one sees injustice or that there is something not right, keeping quiet is no use."

Image credit: José Andrés


Mexican Group Fires Back at Offensive Coca-Cola Ad

Coca-Cola Mexico's recent Christmas ad featuring indigenous Mexicans created such a negative backlash that the company pulled it from its social media channels. Now, a Mexican nonprofit called the Alliance for Food Health has fired back with its own version of the ad, which contrasts the commercial's portrayal of white people "gifting" Coca-Cola to indigenous people with statistics about Mexico's obesity and diabetes epidemics:


Is Artisanal French Cheese in Danger?

French Cheese

Is French cheese poised to go the way of the dinosaurs? More than four dozen French cheese varieties have gone extinct in the last 40 years. Part of that is due to increasingly stringent health regulations; the country's giant dairy producers are also gaining in power and helping contribute to what many say is a watering-down of the French cheese market. "The dairy industry lobbies for standards which would rob cheese of all true character and quality – in other words impose the kind of cheese that they can make cheaply," cheesemaker Hervé Mons tells The Independent.

Image credit: Ulterior Epicure/Flickr


Counterfeit Italian Olive Oil Ring Busted

Olive Oil

Was the last bottle of fancy Italian olive oil you bought fake? Italian authorities have busted a giant olive oil scam that reportedly made millions of euros in profit. Olive oil was imported from countries like Syria, Turkey, and Morocco, then blended and sold as authentic Italian extra-virgin olive oil in Italy and foreign markets including the U.S. and Japan.

Image credit: cthoyes/Flickr


Williams-Sonoma Founder Dead at 100

Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams, founder of ritzy kitchen store Williams-Sonoma, died Saturday at the age of 100. Williams founded the store in 1956 in Sonoma, Calif. to give Americans access to high-end cookware after finding inspiration on a trip to Paris; it now has more than 600 locations worldwide.

Image credit: Williams Sonoma

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