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Watch SNL Spoof George Clooney’s Nespresso Ad Campaign

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“How does this help me get coffee?”

The absurdist writing team at Saturday Night Live clearly has a soft spot for Nespresso, Nestle's high-end coffee pod brand. The show previously parodied the espresso maker with an instant egg-dispensing Nest-spresso machine. In a sketch this week, SNL returns to an old favorite, poking fun at an ad featuring Nespresso spokesman George Clooney and Danny DeVito. The mock ad matches each scene in the spot, with Taram Killam standing in for a cultured Clooney and Bobby Moynihan taking the role of a schlubby DeVito.

In his quest for a cup of Nespresso "cauwfee," DeVito becomes Clooney's unwitting apprentice in all things classy. He follows Clooney from a movie studio to a suit fitting, a sushi bar, and an art gallery, all the while asking: "How does this help me get coffee?" The swaggering, neck-bobbing Clooney (Nespresso in hand) doesn't say much about his motive, but finally tells DeVito, "You're ready." Check out the full clip above.

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