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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Daisy Ridley Play 'Star Wars' Flip Cup

No, neither were able to flip the cups by using the Force.

The first installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy, The Force Awakens, hits theaters later this month, so it's time for the film's cast to start plugging to the media. Daisy Ridley, who plays a prominent role in the film, stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday to chat with host Jimmy Fallon. When they weren't talking about the movie, they were playing Star Wars flip cup.

What makes the iconic college drinking game Star Wars themed? Three things, apparently. One, a star of the film series must be playing; two, the vessels are Han Solo Cups (har-de-har); and three, a Chewbacca-like bellow erupts after every cup is flipped. This would be a hit at frat houses everywhere.

So who's the flip cup master? Ridley, sporting a charming R2-D2 hat, starts out fast. However, Fallon, in his adorable C-3PO lid, comes back to make it a tight contest. Watch the video above to see who wins.

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