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McDonald's Debuts Loaded Fries in Australia, Bizarre Snoopy Buns in China

More new menu items from the Golden Arches.


The corporate chefs at McDonald's aren't out of ideas yet. Mickey D's is debuting some new dishes in global markets that range from "that could work" to "why?" In the former category, the chain is launching loaded fries in Australia. Two options are being made available, according to an official announcement: guacamole and salsa and bacon and cheese.

"While our fries are delicious by themselves, for a long time now Aussies have been experimenting with them, dunking and dipping them in everything from ketchup to soft serve," McDonald's Australia chief marketing officer Mark Lollback said in a prepared statement. "Now we're helping our customers with their fry flavor experiments by giving them world first toppings to bring their fries to life with. I'm sure loaded fries are going to be a hit this summer, and can't wait to see how Aussies embrace them."

Leave it to those innovative Australians to think of dipping their fries into things. While the bacon-and-cheese variety seems to be right up McDonald's alley, it remains to be seen how well the chain might execute salsa and guacamole.

Meanwhile in China, McDonald's is embarking on some sort of Snoopy-related marketing campaign with sandwiches featuring either black or white buns, writes Burger Lad. Press photos of the buns make them look odd enough, and the actual product will surely be a sight to behold.

Could these new menu items make their way to the United States? Don't hold your breath waiting for dyed buns, but perhaps loaded fries might come stateside some day. McDonald's has already broken with its french fry tradition by testing sweet potato fries in Texas.