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Watch Chef Mark Hix Express His Undying Love for Salt

Hix is a big fan of the seasoning.

Salt is a fairly innocuous ingredient. Even though it should be included in every recipe, most people don't think about it all that much. British chef Mark Hix is not most people. In this video from Nowness, Hix professes his love for the mineral and explains why it should receive more consideration.

"A lot of people say that they don't like salt in their food," Hix says. "I think if you gave someone food that's nicely seasoned, I think they would change their mind. Salt is a must, really. People should have good salt. There are many, many different salts all over the world. It should be as important as the provenience of some of the ingredients you're using."

The video is beautifully shot, and it makes the idea of generic table salt seem so embarrassing. Perhaps loving salt is a British thing. Hix and fellow chef April Bloomfield likely could converse on the subject for hours.