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Unofficial Quidditch Pong/Facebook

Harry Potter fans of legal drinking age are officially losing their minds over a drinking game. According to Tech Insider, an Unofficial Quidditch Pong set has been created — and it looks pretty amazing. The game — complete with three golden hoops, two beater bats, and one golden snitch — is played between two teams of three and includes a set of rules that add a Harry Potter twist to the traditional drinking game. Similar to regular pong, when a player makes a shot, the opposing team must drink the contents of the cup, however, if a player makes a shot through one of the golden hoops, it equals two cups. Making it through the hoop is made harder by the opposing player, who is able to use his beater bat to deflect the shot. The set of "magical" rules also allows players to name their teams after Hogwarts houses and includes a collection of spells that each team is allowed to use throughout the game.

If you're already looking to order this Potter-themed pong set online, the bad news is that it's currently sold out. However, the good news is that there is a waiting list where those who sign up will be notified as soon as more sets become available. As imagined, those Potterheads who were able to get their hands on a set have taken to social media to show their skills. The rest should only have to wait a short time before more sets are available.

While the game is the first of its kind, mixing Harry Potter and "beer" is not a new thing — even if it is non-alcoholic. Back in 2010, the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando included a pub modeled after the book's The Three Broomsticks where they sold the series' famous "butter beer." A warm variation of the non-alcoholic drink is also sold at Universal Studios in Orlando and is flavored with butterscotch and topped with whipped cream. For those looking for Potteresque boozing, a new Harry Potter-themed bar opened in Toronto a couple of months ago.