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Obama Is the Coolest Coffee Date; Pizza Hut Unleashes Clothing Line

Five vital news bits to know today.

Pizza Hut

Happy (almost) New Year, it's the very last day of 2015! As you slog through the final work day of the year, take a break from envying your Instagram pals who are yachting in the South of France on an extended holiday break and instead catch up on today's most vital food news.

Today, live vicariously through Jerry Seinfeld and experience a coffee date with the leader of the free world, Mr. Barack Obama; embrace your millennial status and shop for some ridiculous pizza apparel; prepare for an onslaught of Heston Blumenthal-branded products, including possibly eye patches; and behold the latest food hybrid, a burger-wedge salad mashup (spoiler: no, it is not the next Cronut).


Barack Obama Is Basically the Coolest Coffee Date Ever

Obama Coffee

The newest season of Jerry Seinfeld's popular web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee debuted last night, and the first guest of season seven is a doozy: Barack Obama. Watch Obama hitch a ride in Seinfeld's sweet 1976 Corvette Sting Ray and brew up a pot of good ol' Mr. Coffee while discussing everything from the value of anonymity and his most embarassing Presidential moment to wandering around the White House in his underwear. It's probably the best 19 mintues you'll spend today.


Pizza Hut Is Now Slinging Scarves and Socks

Pepperoni Socks

The stuffed crust engineers at Pizza Hut are getting into the apparel game with a line of pizza-themed swag. Display your deep and undying affection for pizza with ridiculous items like pepperoni socks (hey, they're moisture-wicking!), a pizza-print fleece scarf, pizza sunglasses, and, for only the hippest of hipsters, a pizza longboard. Further proving how very in touch Pizza Hut is with millennials: a hoodie emblazoned with the phrase "Pizza Is Bae." Gee, what will they think of next?

Image credit: Pizza Hut


Heston Blumenthal: Chef Extraordinaire and Future Perfumer?

Heston Blumenthal

Pizza Hut isn't the only food powerhouse expanding its repertoire. Acclaimed UK chef Heston Blumenthal of top restaurant The Fat Duck has apparently applied to register the "Heston" trademark for a plethora of different items — and while many of them are cooking and catering related, there are some oddballs too: Eye patches? Perfume? Toothpaste? Sunglasses? Shoes? Contact lens cleaner? Actually, given Blumenthal's penchant for fancy eyewear, a line of chef-branded spectacles and optical accessories doesn't seem too far out of left field. But what would Heston the fragrance smell like — mustard ice cream and snail porridge?

Image credit: Graham Denham/Getty Images


Red Robin's Latest Burger Creation Has an Unfortunate Name

Red Robin Wedgie

It's time once again for those pesky New Year's resolutions, and right on cue restaurants everywhere will be featuring "lightened up" menu items — at least until February, when we'll revert to chocolate-covered and deep-fried business as usual. Casual dining chain Red Robin has just unveiled something it's dubbed the Wedgie Burger, a burger plopped on a "lettuce wedge bun" (face it, it's a wad of lettuce) with bacon and guac for a mere 450 calories. Give a friend a Wedgie via an e-gift card and a portion of the proceeds will go to an anti-bullying foundation, which seems... appropriate.

Image credit: Red Robin


Are 'Yummers' the New Yuppies?

Generation Yum

In case you somehow forgot despite the news media's daily reminders, millennials are obsessed with food! LOL, silly kids always Instagramming their avocado toast and latte art. One woman, Eve Turow Paul, even wrote a book on the subject called — deep breath — A Taste of Generation Yum: How the Millennial Generation’s Love for Organic Fare, Celebrity Chefs and Microbrews Will Make or Break the Future of Food. Turow wisely eschews the term "foodie," which she says has developed negative connotations; instead, she prefers to call food-obsessed millennials "Yummers." Maybe foodie isn't so bad after all?