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Move Over, Pizza Rat, Doughnut Raccoon Is Here

Is this the most adorable case of shoplifting ever?

Pizza Rat, everyone's favorite people food-munching rodent, has some competition. Say hello to Doughnut Raccoon, a sly little creature who likes to sneak off with glazed treats when no one's looking. Unfortunately for Doughnut Raccoon, this video catches him in the act.

Just watch this furry bandit sneakily grab the object of his desire and say a Simpsons-style "yoink" out lout — it works perfectly. The narrator of the video offers some fine commentary: "He's doing it, he is doing it," says the disembodied voice. "He's gonna commit. OK, if he falls outta that hole he's gonna have a — this is incredible." And that's followed by some appropriate giggling.

Once Doughnut Raccoon claims his prize, he goes back whence he came, as if disappearing into thin air. Oddly, nobody at this unidentified doughnut shop seems too concerned that a wild varmint is making off with the merchandise. One has to assume the shop's rating from the department of health is nothing to write home about.