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Carl's Jr. Pivots from Slutburgers to Turkey Burgers

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The company says it is the first fast food chain to offer "all-natural" turkey patties.

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Is turkey the new beef? According to CNBC, Carl's Jr./Hardee's brand plans to launch a line of turkey burgers nationwide. The company's CMO Brad Haley explains that the switch to antibiotic-free patties is partly aimed at targeting millennials who have come to expect better quality food. (What is not immediately clear is if millennials prefer turkey to beef — or slutburgers, for that matter) In a phone interview with CNBC, Haley said, "Even though most people know us as the brand to introduce indulgent, creative burgers, we also have a long history of introducing better-for-you fare, which is a surprise to some people."

The brand is known for its unnecessarily sexy and parody-inspiring ads which depict scantily-clad models — and spokesperson MMA fighter Ronda Rousey — devouring its huge burgers. While its obnoxiously sexual and over-the-top commercials have received their share of criticism, the brand has also made headlines for its out-of-the-box menu offerings like a hot dog and potato chip-stuffed burger, a biscuit/doughnut hybrid, and pepperoni pizza-topped fries.

Despite these over-indulgent menu creations, lately Carl's Jr. seems to be just as focused on healthier fast-food options. While the healthier options are a plus, they don't come without a price. The all-natural turkey burger switch took over a year to accomplish and will cost customers about 80 cents more per burger.