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Behold the Best Patent Filing Ever for the Next Great Invention: 'Beverage Dispensing Headwear'

An invention that will surely change the course of humanity.

Beverage dispensing headwear.
Beverage dispensing headwear.
Official Patent Filing

Sometimes a brilliant inventor comes up with an idea that alters life as we know it. The lightbulb, automobile, airplane, and personal computer all fall into that category. Now a U.S. patent has been filed for what may be the next big thing: beverage dispensing headwear.

Inventors Troy Schultz and Neil James Rooney, who must be scientists or Harvard professors or something, are behind the idea, which specifically is "a wearable sombrero-style hat with a refillable reservoir is disclosed." This isn't a baseball helmet with two cupholders attached — that idea receives plenty of shade in the filing. No, this invention fills the need for "a simple device for holding beverages that also functions as a hat, providing protection to the wearer against the sun," according to the patent's background information.

"It has been discovered that using a 'sombrero' type hat (which are often of woven straw) 38 with an internal reservoir for holding fluids can solve the problems left unanswered by known art," reads the patent summary. We all can only hope to solve the problems left unanswered by known art.

When it actually comes to market, this beverage dispensing hat will be a perfect compliment to the Cruzin Cooler.