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Alleged Jesus Christ Throws Tantrum at McDonald's in WI

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But would He really return to yell at McDonald's employees?

McDonald's at 13343 Washington Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI 53177.
McDonald's at 13343 Washington Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI 53177.
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chaotic all-day breakfast roll-out, a CEO who refuses to be held accountable for the pay scales at his many franchises — it's tough enough being a McDonald's employee right now without a man claiming to be the Lord Jesus Christ berating you during your shift for being a "nonbeliever."

That's what workers faced at a McDonald's in Racine, Wis. on Tuesday, according to The Journal Times, when a man allegedly shouted at employees before wandering into traffic to scream at passing cars. When police responded to the restaurant's emergency call, the man defended his actions, "yelling at a police sergeant that he was 'the Lord Jesus Christ,' and reportedly [telling] him the McDonald's employees had no business using 'his name as a swear word.'"

The McDonald's location confirmed the incident for Eater. One worker said the man was "pacing the store, just pacing the store, then walked up to the counter and pointed at us, saying something like, 'Why are you be staring at me in the name of Jesus,' real, real loud. I didn't know a human voice could be that loud. We all ran to the back, it was scary. Then he walked into traffic with I think his left hand up in the air and kept yelling."

No one was hurt in the incident, but now the man in question, Joseph T. Gann, 30, of Fort Smith, Ark., is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and faces a court-ordered competency evaluation to determine his mental health. Maybe he's just more of a Burger King man?

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