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Watch Michael Voltaggio Saber Champagne Bottles With a Saucepan, Butter Knife, and More

No sword, no problem.

Los Angeles chef Michael Voltaggio won Top Chef Season 6 thanks to his cooking abilities, but his skills at opening champagne are really impressive. There's no flashier way to pop a bottle of bubbly on New Year's Eve than to saber it with a sword, but most folks don't have a giant blade lying around the house. Fortunately, Voltaggio is here to help.

In this video from GQ, Voltaggio and rapper Vince Staples attempt to dramatically open their champagne with a variety of items. Some, such as the butter knife, work quite well. Others aren't as successful — don't bother trying it with an iPod or tap-dancing shoe. Perhaps the best option is this sauce pan, which serves two functions. After opening the bottle, Voltaggio notes, "The good thing about this is that you can use it as a cup, too."

Not only is opening champagne with swords, saucepans, and butter knives cool, it's much more efficient than doing the job with a rifle.