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Pasta Purses Are the Ultimate Accessory for Carb-Lovers

Finally, noodles big enough to carry under your arm.

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The term "pasta purse" probably brings to mind handmade tortellini stuffed with ricotta or other ingredients, but how about an actual pasta purse made to hold your cell phone, lipstick, and keys? It's now real and it's glorious, thanks to an enterprising Etsy seller from Amsterdam by the name of Rommy DeBommy. Consider it a lower-carb alternative to stuffing your face with real noodles, or the ideal accessory in which to tote around your Never-Ending Pasta Pass from Olive Garden.

Besides farfalle-shaped clutches, there are also pasta bowties for the carb-loving dude in your life:

Pasta Bowtie


popcorn necklace would be ideal for your next movie date:

Popcorn Necklace


Take your Sunday brunch outfit to the next level with this pancake bag:

Pancake Purse


There's also a freakishly realistic M&M bag made to look like chocolate candies are spilling out of it:

M&M Bag


And for the more health-conscious fashionista, how about a necklace and earring set that looks like a salad?

Salad Jewelry


Pair any of them with some so-hot-in-Japan sushi nail art and you'll be the envy of every fashionable food obsessive on Instagram.