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It's always irritating when a fast-food restaurant screws up your order, but next time think twice before yelling at the drive-thru employee — or you could find yourself on the receiving end of a ticket. Such was the case over the weekend at a Taco Bell in La Crosse, Wis.

According to the La Crosse Tribune, 24-year-old Leanna Calloway was issued a citation for disorderly conduct after allegedly lashing out at a drive-thru worker who put tomatoes on her taco. Per a police report on the incident — surely one of the most riveting to ever pass the sergeant's desk — the woman claims she "politely" confronted the employee after she requested no tomatoes, but the worker and their manager both say "Calloway screamed at and swore at the employee."

Meanwhile, someone claiming to be Calloway has some choice words for the Tribune in the comments section, offering her own exclamation point-laden account of the events:

Tribune Comments

Calloway's $187 citation is the equivalent of approximately 150 crunchy tacos, tomato-less or otherwise. Regardless of how the situation actually went down, at least there weren't any shots fired: Over the weekend, an order dispute at a Miami-area McDonald's resulted in one man being shot in the arm.

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