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Shake Shack Copycat 'Burger Burger' Lands at the Mall of America

Meanwhile, the real Shake Shack is slated to hit the mall next summer.

Burger Burger/Facebook

Beloved burger chain Shake Shack is slated to hit Middle American shopping mecca the Mall of America in Summer 2016 — but it turns out the mall is already home to another burger joint bearing awfully similar branding. Do we smell a lawsuit, or is that just the aroma of freshly cooked fries?

According to Minneapolis alt-weekly City Pages, a one-off restaurant called Burger Burger has opened on the mall's third floor bearing an eerily familiar black-and-green color scheme and simple line-drawing burger logo.

Shake Shack Burger Burger

Shake Shack versus Burger Burger.

In fact, when simultaneously browsing both websites, it's nearly impossible to tell which is which from the browser tabs, thanks to the remarkably similar logos:

Shake Shack Burger Burger

Burger Burger specializes in burgers, fries, and shakes, though its menu is decidedly more expansive than Shake Shack's, with 15 different types of dipping sauces and burgers boasting a wider selection of ingredients like chorizo and "pepper jack mac & cheese bites."

Neither Burger Burger, Shake Shack, nor the Mall of America could immediately be reached for comment, but Burger Burger's co-owner told City Pages, "We have a completely different logo and concept than Shake Shack," claiming any similarity between the restaurant's color schemes was unintentional.

Shake Shack wouldn't be the first big chain to inspire a lookalike: At least two In-N-Out inspired burger restaurants have popped up in recent years with suspiciously similar logos, causing the California-based company to file lawsuits against both.