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Watch April Bloomfield Harvest Salt From Oregon's Netarts Bay

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Who knew salt could look so good?

Like every other chef on the planet, April Bloomfield loves salt. It's the base of seasoning, and there's a big difference between the generic grocery store variety and carefully harvested product from the sea. In this video from Mind of a Chef, Bloomfield learns how to produce the latter type.

Bloomfield visits with Portland-based Jacobsen Salt founder Ben Jacobsen, who shows her the ropes of taking water from Oregon's Netarts Bay and transforming it into fine savory crystals. The process involves sand filtration, boiling, and scraping large crystals from an old oyster pan — "My knees wobble a little bit then," Bloomfield says as she admires.

After learning the trade, Bloomfield explains why she's so impressed: "I think there maybe is five companies doing that in America. I love that, I love having that connection, and to be able to work with him and get to know him." Go now and watch how some of the prettiest salt you'll ever see is made.

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