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Brace for Organic Gatorade; Hot Dog-Flavored Pringles Exist

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Five food things to know this Wednesday.

Long Beach Market & Deli/Facebook

It's Wednesday, December 23 — Happy Festivus! A mere 265 years ago, Benjamin Franklin electrocuted a turkey — and himself in the process — in an attempt to cook a more tender bird. In today's food news, organic Gatorade, hot dog-flavored Pringles, and Abita hard root beer are in the works. Boston Market is issuing a frozen entree recall, and there's a new, narcissistic way to avoid eating too much cake.


Finally, Gatorade Is Working on an Organic Sports Drink


Attention, clean-eating obsessives: Organic Gatorade is coming this way. The product is set to launch in 2016 and will be accompanied by the unveiling of the brand's new non-GMO Tropicana juices. Parent company Pepsi Co. also teased about future products like Mountain Dew Kickstart, made with fruit juice and coconut water, and flavored Aquafina water.

Image credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart


Finally, Pringles Is Making Hot Dog-Flavored Chips

Pringles hot dog chips

If you're searching for the perfect — and weirdest — appetizer to bring to your holiday dinner, Pringles has just the thing. Exclusive to Walgreens, the chip company has released a limited-edition hot dog flavored variety called "Hot Diggity Dog." That's what happens when you shop for snacks at the drugstore.

Image credit: The Impulsive Buy


Avoid Gorging by Eating Cake in Front of the Mirror


Worried you're going to indulge in too much cake during the next week of celebrations? A University of Florida research team has found a way to help you stay away, or at least eat less of it. The university's study found that if you watch yourself eating cake in front of a mirror, it becomes less appetizing. Just place mirror in front of you during dessert time and watch the aversion therapy work its magic.

Image credit: Deviant Art


Boston Market Issues Frozen Pork Recall

Boston Market

Hopefully your holiday meal wasn't coming from a Boston Market frozen pork entree, or you may be eating shards of glass and/or plastic for dinner. The brand was forced to recall 326,016 boneless pork rib dinners after multiple reports to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While no consumers were hurt, those who have any of the pre-packaged pork patty entrees with a "Use By" dates of 09/09/2016, 09/22/2016, 10/08/2016, 10/30/2016, and 12/14/2016 should return them immediately.

Image credit: Boston Market


Abita Is Brewing Up Hard Root Beer

Abita root beer

To add to the trendy hard root beer market, Abita is releasing a root beer-flavored beer. It will be available next week in New Orleans, before being distributed nationwide in 2016. Called "Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer," it will be the first of many hard sodas for the brewing company. Abita currently produces 14,000 barrels of root beer annually and is looking to expand with new adult flavors.

Image credit: Flickr/Brendan Riley

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