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Taco Restaurant Trolls Bumbling Burglars by Making Them YouTube Stars

"That was weak, bro."


After being robbed, most businesses file a police report and then sit back and wait, hoping — usually in vain — that the burglars will be caught. But not Las Vegas taco purveyor Frijoles and Frescos. After being robbed in the wee morning hours last Wednesday, the restaurant found another way to seek revenge: by publicly mocking the criminals' comical attempt at burglary as captured by their security cameras.

They created a clever marketing ad out of the surveillance footage, portraying the burglars as bumbling taco fiends out looking for a late-night fix:

"The idea was to provide something that the public could help us with to find the thieves, but at the same time, try to see the lighter side of what happened," general manager Greg Carlson tells Eater, noting that the thieves broke a window but didn't make off with anything particularly valuable. "We hope the publicity will help deter similar crimes, especially from businesses in our community."

Unfortunately for restaurants, there seems to be a never-ending supply of dumb food criminals — such as the guys who stole empty beer kegs or the hungry burglar who was busted thanks to his nacho cheese-stained shirt.