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FDA Investigating Caffeinated Peanut Butter; POTUS on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Five things to know this Tuesday.

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It's Tuesday, December 22, three days until Christmas and exactly 30 years since the largest grouper caught with rod and reel — 436 pounds! — was landed in Destin, Fla. On the never-ending calendar of fake food holidays, it's Date Nut Bread Day, so go ahead and dig in to that festive fruitcake. In more important food news, the FDA wants to know more about caffeinated peanut butter, Jerry Seinfeld palled around with President Obama, and Pizza Hut dropped a controversial hat from its new clothing line. Plus, there's a Yeezy-inspired beer and Lady Gaga is apparently a pasta master.


FDA Wants More Info on Caffeinated Peanut Butter

Steem caffeinated peanut butter

Caffeinated peanut butter has the potential to change your morning forever, but the Food and Drug Administration wants to make sure it's on the up and up in terms of safety. Suggested serving sizes come with as much caffein as two cups of coffee, according to Steem, the company that makes the product, and the FDA is "concerned about the marketing of a peanut butter, a food popular with many children, containing added caffeine." The FDA has requested more information from Steem.

Image credit: Steem/Facebook


POTUS Appearing on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Jerry Seinfeld has landed the biggest guest yet for his popular web series. President Barack Obama will appear on the forthcoming season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, sharing a cup of joe with the funnyman and TV star at the White House. The new season premieres December 30, and there's no word yet on when POTUS's episode will air.

Image credit: Vimeo


Yeezy Gets His Own Beer

Yeezy beer

Rapper/producer/Kim Kardashian husband Kanye West released his own sneaker, the Adidas Boost 750, over the weekend, giving the world another way to celebrate all things Yeezy. As if the sneaker isn't enough, one Italian shoe store partnered with a nearby brewery to create a special beer for the event. Dubbed "Special Beer UNDS Everything," the suds were limited edition, but the brewery is planning to make more for future releases.

Image credit: Special Milano


Lady Gaga Knows Her Way Around Pasta

Lady Gaga pasta

Lady Gaga is already well known for wearing dresses made of meat, but perhaps her next provocative fashion ensemble will include pasta dough. The pop star apparently has a strong pasta game, and she's been showing off on Instagram lately. It seems Gaga prefers the old-school method. She explains in one post, "I made some fresh hand cut, some with a traditional Pasta cranker. And some with a pasta machine to try it (I didn't like the texture so I stopped).

Image credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram


Pizza Hut Drops Sexist Hat From New Swag Line

Dumb pizza hut hat

Pizza Hut recently launched an online clothing shop, because like every other brand, it's trying to connect with Millennials. Sadly, it looks like the Hut has already been forced to remove a controversial item. The shop, no doubt created by dimwitted marketing bros, initially included a dumb hat that read "Take Your Toppings Off" on the crown. There was immediate backlash over the sexist tone, which has resulted in action. The original link to the product now leads to a 404 error. Eater has reached out to Pizza Hut for more information

Image credit: Pizza Hut