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Donald Trump Burger Gets the Axe From Canadian Restaurant

Even our neighbors to the north can't stand the politician.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Even peace-loving Canadians hate Donald Trump: A burger restaurant in the Manitoba capital of Winnipeg has decided to nix a burger named for the carefully coiffed politician from its menu.

According to Munchies, Nuburger decided to rename "The Donald" burger following Trump's proclamation that Muslims should be barred from entering the U.S. The rich-sounding burger is topped with cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, truffle aioli, balsamic onions, a fried egg, tomato, and lettuce tossed in a black currant-shiraz sauce.

"It has the finest, most decadent ingredients," Nuburger writes on Facebook. "It represents indulgence and thought we'd name it appropriately…The Donald. All joking aside, we knew Donald Trump was an arrogant, ignorant joke and we named the burger after him to get a laugh! We didn't know until now the extent of his disturbing, bigoted, fascist and misogynist ideologies. Now we absolutely want NO association with his name in any way shape or form."

The Donald

The burger formerly known as The Donald. [Photo: Nuburger/Facebook]

The restaurant held a contest to determine the burger's new name, announcing yesterday that going forward, the burger formerly known as The Donald will be called The Golden Boy instead.

While Trump no longer has a place on the menu at Nuburger, anyone hungry for a Donald-inspired burger need only hop aboard a trans-Atlantic flight: A London restaurant called Lucky Chip thumbed their nose at the politician earlier this year when it unveiled a Donald Trump burger. It's topped with "a really, really rich" vanilla-bourbon barbecue sauce, pickles that will leave a sour taste in your mouth, and perhaps most importantly, says the Evening Standard, "There is nothing Mexican in the burger."

The Republican presidential candidate is making plenty of enemies in the food world lately: Besides declaring a boycott on Oreo and also suggesting a potential boycott of Starbucks for the silly holiday cup controversy, Trump is currently embroiled in mutual lawsuits with José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian. Both celebrity chefs pulled out of a Trump Hotel project in D.C. following Trump's disparaging remarks about immigrants.