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McDonald's Mac and Cheese Will Make You Ask 'Why'

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It's being served at select locations in Cleveland.

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McDonald's just can't help itself when it comes to launching new menu items: Select locations of the Golden Arches are now serving mac and cheese. The childhood favorite can currently be had as a Happy Meal entree or ordered a la carte for $1.75 at select locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area, reports Brand Eating.

Banish any thoughts of powdered cheese à la Kraft, however: According to a McDonald's employee reached via telephone, the product comes in frozen. Per promotional materials, the mac and cheese has 190 calories, about the same as a four-piece McNugget. But offering it as a Happy Meal entree means kids can feast on a meal of mac and cheese, fries, and soda, which sounds even more unhealthy than the usual burger or nuggets combo.

While this appears to be a limited-time offering, it's unknown whether or not the company has plans to roll it out to a wider audience (McDonald's did not immediately respond to request for comment.) The chain seems to think customers worldwide are hungry for cheesy pasta. New mac and cheese croquette sandwiches topped with a suspicious looking "demi-glacé" sauce are currently being served in Japan:

Cheese producers and dairy farmers are clearly loving McDonald's right now: Last month the chain introduced mozzarella sticks at select stores, and the deep-fried cheese bombs are slated to roll out nationwide in 2016. Ronald McDonald clearly has even more tricks up his sleeve for next year, too: The company just trademarked the phrase "Signature Crafted," which is apparently the latest moniker for its line of fancied up burgers. Perhaps its energy would be better focused on all-day breakfast, a recent introduction that actually seems to be driving customers to stores.

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