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Fast Food Employees Brawl in McDonald’s Parking Lot

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The scuffle was caught on camera.

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A brawl broke out between two McDonald's employees last week outside a location in southern Georgia. The scuffle was captured in a garbled cellphone video and uploaded to LiveLeak, according to The Mirror.

In the video, the blue-uniformed employees can be seen arguing while other staff members stand to the side. As the scene becomes more heated one woman throws down her apron and goes after her coworker and another man in a green uniform tries to intervene. The argument turns into an all-out fight with one woman pushing and grabbing the other by the hair. The pair eventually end up on the ground, kicking and scratching each other as other employees try to pull the women apart. Several hair extensions are left strewn on the ground as the two are escorted away from each other.

There's no word on who the women are or what exactly lead to the violent altercation, and it's still unclear if any charges were filed. Eater has reached out to McDonald's for comment on the incident, which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times since it was posted on December 13.

The clash joins a hall of fame of other restaurant chain brawls. In 2011, a fight broke out in a McDonald's parking lot during a national hiring day. In another tense McDonald's incident an employee and a customer locked horns while the customer's mother egged them on saying things like "Whoop her ass." Then, last September, a pregnant woman in New Mexico filed a lawsuit against a local Dairy Queen claiming that employees had attacked her after she complained about her incorrect Blizzard order. Watch the parking lot scuffle below:

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