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Meat Pies Should Be As American As Apple Pie

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Why don’t we eat more savory pies?

Professional carnivore Nick Solares grew up eating meat pies in the UK and has often wondered why they aren’t more popular in the U.S. In this new episode of "The Meat Show," he visits chef Angie Mar of the Beatrice Inn. She is one of the few chefs serving traditional meat pies in New York City today, and makes a few different kinds: A game pie with smoked duck confit, wild boar, and lamb; a 20-day dry aged short rib pie; and "the pie that really defines British pie making," a steak and kidney pie. Notably, Mar doesn't use butter in her pie crust, she prefers beef fat. Watch on to learn the history of meat pies and why Solares wants to bring them back into fashion in the U.S.

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The Beatrice Inn

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