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World's Priciest Steak Costs More Than Your Mortgage

It's been aged for 15 years.

Boucherie Polmard/Facebook

Here's something for red meat-loving one-percenters to ask Santa for this year: the world's most expensive steak, brought to you by a hoity-toity French butcher.

A 2000 vintage usually refers to a pricey bottle of wine, but in this case, it's a slab o' beef: Meat specialist Alexandre Polmard hawks steaks that hail from a couture brand of cattle known as Blonde Aquitaine, and slaughters just four cows a week. (Said cows may or may not enjoy daily massages, psychotherapy, and personal Netflix accounts.) The resulting steaks undergo a high-tech, proprietary aging process known as "hibernation," in which meat is held at sub-zero temperatures while air is blown across its surface at speeds of nearly 75 miles per hour.

The result? A 15-year aged cote de boeuf that costs a whopping $3,200. If you can't forego a couple mortgage payments in order to sample this delicacy, fret not: Just get yourself a plane ticket to Hong Kong, where diners at the two Michelin star Caprice can savor a few bites of the precious protein as part of a $700 lunch tasting menu — a relative bargain, surely. And if you're feeling extra saucy, the steak would probably pair well with the world's most expensive bottle of wine, a Château Margaux 2009 priced at $195,000.

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