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Watch Harrison Ford and Jimmy Fallon Drink Light Saber 'Star Wars' Cocktails

The drink was invented by bartender Jim Meehan.

Last night on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon surprised actor Harrison Ford with a cocktail in honor of his new Star Wars film. The drink — called the Millennium Fallon — sits atop a lit coaster which shoots light into an oblong colored ice block that looks convincingly like a light saber. It was created by bartender Jim Meehan, of New York City's PDT bar. Ford doesn't seem impressed, though. "They look like two glasses with colored blocks of ice..." Ford insists that the ice does not look like a saber because it's too short, "that's a light dagger. A saber is a big long thing..."

Continuing a joke he started earlier in the show, Ford begrudgingly takes a shot with Fallon and muses, a wistful look in his eye, "It's like Anthony Bourdain, right, you go on the show and you sit around and drink... I want to do that." Fallon points out, "You're doing it here! I'm making your dream come true." Watch as Ford rolls his eyes.

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