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What is it about Waffle House that seems to inspire violence? A man was arrested at a Boiling Springs, S.C. location earlier this week after he threw a plate-throwing tantrum, reports Fox Carolina.

According to the report, Jeremy Peeler "became enraged after workers asked him if everything was okay after he accosted a child seated [at his table]." He proceeded to curse at the restaurant employees, then went behind the counter where food is prepared and proceeded to throw plates, flinging food and leaving broken dishes throughout the restaurant. To add insult to injury, he then dined-and-dashed on his $17 tab.

Police tracked him down to a nearby hotel, where they found him heavily intoxicated; Peeler was arrested for property damage and defrauding a restaurant and was released this morning. He probably won't be welcomed back at that particular Waffle House, however. (The restaurant could not be reached by phone for comment.)

Thankfully there were no injuries reported due to Peeler's erratic behavior — but Waffle House has also been the site of some much more tragic incidents lately: Over Thanksgiving weekend, a waitress was shot and killed by a customer for enforcing the restaurant's no-smoking policy. Nonetheless, the chain is a Southern staple beloved by many, including Anthony Bourdain. There are certainly some kind-hearted customers that patronize the restaurant, too: Last month one left a $600 tip for a lucky waitress in Tennessee.

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