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Are You as Honest as This Applebee's Employee Who Returned $32,000?

A Fresno, Calif., server found the bag of loot on Wednesday night.


You have to think that $32,000 is more than the average Applebee’s server makes in a year. But on Wednesday, a waiter at the restaurant in Fresno, Calif., returned a bag of 32 large that two customers left in their booth.

Erika and Bertha Gonzalez didn’t plan to carry such a large amount of money with them all day, but when Bertha took her wallet out to pay her bill, she inadvertently left the cash behind. It didn't take them long to figure out they had forgotten the money, and immediately called the restaurant, hopeful it was still there.

Detective Sammy Ashworth took the call from the family. "They described the bag that it was in and the denomination, and I determined that, yes, it was their money," Ashworth tells ABC 30. "It was legally obtained, and they were just an average working family that had made a mistake and left their money behind in a restaurant."

An unidentified employee found the cash and turned it in to the Fresno Police Department. The server, who told his managers "he just did the right thing," will probably get a reward from the mother and daughter as well as Applebee's. The Gonzalez family says the money came from savings from the family's businesses that include rental properties and a restaurant in the Bay Area. They planned to use it for a vacation to Puerta Vallarta and Guadalajara. Find the local CNN story, below:

This is the largest amount of money found and returned by a server in recent memory. Back in 2013, a server in San Antonio, Texas found and returned $1,600 worth of cash. The grateful patrons tipped the waiter $100 for his honesty.