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‘Top Chef‘ Season 13 Spoilers: Chef Jeremy Ford Rumored to Be in Top 3

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A juicy rumor predicts one finalist.

Jeremy Ford
Jeremy Ford
Eater Miami

Only four episodes into Season 13 of Top Chef California and already rumors are swirling about who makes the finale. A well-placed source says Jeremy Ford, the chef behind Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Miami-based Matador Room, definitely moves on to the final three.

So far, the chef won an elimination challenge in episode four with a citrus-marinated halibut and kumquats made on a PGA West golf course, a quickfire challenge in episode three where he made pan-roasted spot prawns with potato gnocchi and English peas, and the first elimination challenge on the premiere with a snapper crudo.

Earlier this month, Ford celebrated his first year at Matador Room in the Edison Hotel. He tells Eater Miami: "Being on Top Chef, I think it was just the experience alone and getting to work with such amazing chefs and be involved in that, the most elite cooking competition in the world is, was very exciting."

Rumors of a same-sex wedding in Season 13 circulated earlier this year after Top Chef judge Gail Simmons tweeted that she was looking for couples who might want to be on an episode. Art Smith, chef to Oprah Winfrey and scads of Florida governors, later confirmed via Twitter that he would host "a whole bunch" of same-sex weddings for the show.

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