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Watch Giada de Laurentiis Hand-Feed a Tiny Elf Italian Fritters

Jimmy Kimmel remembers eating Struffoli as a child.

Giada de Laurentiis stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to promote her newest and eighth cookbook, Happy Cooking. Giada notes that this cookbook is "a little different" because "this past year and a half has been a little different for me... I've gotten a divorce, a lot of things have changed in my life." Rumors have been swirling that de Laurentiis has been dating also-newly divorced Food Network personality Bobby Flay. Kimmel jumps in, "Oh my god, are you ok? Do you want to make out or anything?" Giada brushes Kimmel off and notes, "Really and truly, I feel the happiest in my life when I'm cooking." Kimmel agrees, "except for me it's eating."

Giada goes on to show Kimmel (along with his sidekick Guillermo and an elf named Gabriel) some kitchen tricks, including how to create a citrus twist, how to shuck an oyster, and how to whip up a recipe for Giada's "favorite dessert of all time, struffoli." But of course de Laurentiis, known for over-enunciating Italian words like spaghetti, pronounces the name of these Italian fritters, "stROO-foh-leey," complete with a guttural "stROO" and wide arm gestures. Kimmel helpfully mimics Giada's pronunciation for the audience.

For some reason, de Laurentiis decides to pick up Gabriel the elf while demonstrating struffoli, and her dress nearly comes off. Kimmel tries to put the red faced Food Network at ease by saying, "Don't worry, I'm a doctor." While holding Gabriel like a baby on her hip, de Laurentiis demonstrates how to make the fritters (with one hand!), and fries up a few fresh, grape-sized doughnuts. Kimmel can't help but watch Gabriel's delight at being in Giada's arms: "If Gabriel starts breastfeeding we're in trouble." Watch on to see how Giada hand-feeds Gabriel "stROO-foh-leey," one by one.