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Watch and Learn How to Make Tourte Milanaise, the Perfect Christmas Breakfast

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The colors are certainly appropriate.

Christmas morning is all about the presents, especially for parents of young children. But once all the wrapping paper is torn and boxes are open, breakfast is a necessity. This video from PBS Food's Kitchen Vignettes suggests a Tourte Milanaise is the perfect dish to serve to the family.

It's a looker of a meal, but the recipe is actually quite simple. Line a butter-coated vessel with pastry dough — which can be store bought — and add the filling in layers: scrambled eggs, lightly steamed spinach, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, repeat in reverse. Top that off with more pastry dough, slather on egg wash, and throw it in the oven. Of course, those who are really fancy can decorate the top layer of pastry, but that might be asking a bit much for an early Christmas morning.

The final result, once it's sliced, is a Christmassy breakfast pie, red and green at the center.

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