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Watch Someone Cook the Tiniest, Most Adorable Baked Potatoes

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They're too cute to eat.

Tiny is en vogue. The tiny house movement is booming which has led to the tiny coffeeshop. And who could forget everyone's favorite little gourmand, the tiny hamster? Size seemingly matters, and smaller is better. With that in mind someone has whipped up the cutest little baked potatoes you'll ever see. The miniature dish is part of something called Pocket Resort, which takes the good life and shrinks it down.

Preparation for these minuscule potatoes seems simple enough. Take a tiny knife and dice a tiny onion, and add that plus a tiny amount of butter to the lil spuds. Then comes the best part: wrapping them in a baby portion of tinfoil and cooking them on the littlest charcoal grill ever. The result would be a perfect side for a thimble-sized porterhouse steak.

No, this tiny baked potato isn't really practical — it would take at least a hundred or so to satisfy a normal-sized human. But for anyone who's dealing with a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids situation, bon appétit.

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