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Fed-Up Tim Horton's Employee Lobs Coffee, Doughnut Holes at Drive-Thru Customer

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There was also spitting and possible racial slurs involved.


If one must have a violent outburst at work, it'd probably be best to do it out of sight of surveillance cameras. That notion eluded a Tim Horton's employee in Michigan who was caught on tape feuding with a drive-thru customer back in October.

According to ABC 13, the incident began when a male customer handed an employee an old cup of coffee from his car and asked her to throw it away. When she declined to do so, the customer refused the new cup of coffee and began to drive off. That's when an angry male employee stepped in and flung the hot coffee at the customer's open car window. The customer then approached the window on foot and had more hot coffee thrown at him, along with some Timbits (the Tim Horton's term for doughnut holes).

The customer's attorney claims that the employee also yelled racial slurs at his client, calling him an Arab" and saying he should "go back to the Middle East." The customer isn't completely innocent in this saga either, however, as he's seen in the video throwing a cup of (cold) coffee at the closed drive-thru window and also admits he tried to spit on the workers — but nonetheless, the attorney is pushing for the worker to be charged with felonious assault. A Tim Horton's spokesperson tells ABC 13, "Guest safety is of paramount concern to Tim Horton's. We were aware of the incident in October and the franchisee has taken the appropriate steps to address the matter."

While the vast majority of restaurant drive-thru transactions go smoothly aside from perhaps some missing napkins or forgotten ketchup packets, things do occasionally go awry: Last year a Rally's customer punched a drive-thru worker who wouldn't give him a free cup of water, and at a Taco Bell in Florida a customer somehow managed to grope a female employee through the drive-thru window.

Watch the heated drive-thru dispute in the surveillance video, below: