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A New Coffee With the Same Health Benefits as Red Wine Is Now on the Market

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The beans are infused with resveratrol, the same compound found in grape skins.

Niklas Morberg/Flickr

The health effects of coffee are still up for debate, but an organic chemist is doing his part to make sure your morning cup has benefits that go well beyond the caffeine boost. University of New Hampshire professor Glen Miller has just unveiled coffee that's infused with the same antioxidant that's earned red wine the reputation of being heart-healthy, the Portland Press Herald reported Monday.

Each cup of CoffVee contains as much of the antioxidant as one glass of red wine

Called CoffVee, the Arabica beans are infused with resveratrol during the roasting process; Miller confirmed to Eater that each resulting cup of coffee contains as much of the antioxidant as one glass of red wine. Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in the skins of grapes; numerous studies have been conducted on the substance in recent decades and it's been linked to the prevention of cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, as well as shown to have anti-depressive effects.

Over the past several years, many resveratrol-infused beauty products from eye cream to lipstick have been introduced in the hopes that the benefits can also be absorbed through the skin — but ingesting it orally is a tried-and-true way to get the antioxidant boost. "While I like red wine and feel good about consuming it in moderation, I wondered if it would be possible to impart other drinks with the same heart-healthy attributes via resveratrol," he tells Eater. "I considered many drinks but chose coffee for a number of reasons. One, 82 percent of all U.S. adults drink coffee; two, the average coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day; three, coffee is a $40 billion dollar a year market, and growing; four, resveratrol is tasteless and therefore will not alter the taste (nor the appearance/color) of coffee."

Perhaps surprisingly, Miller isn't charging a super-premium price for his new product: CoffVee will run you $14.95 for a 14-ounce bag. (For comparison's sake, most of the beans sold at Starbucks cost between $11.95 and $14.95 per 16-ounce bag.)

Miller wouldn't discuss the process he uses to infuse the beans, saying, "The infusion process is our proprietary technology," but he does say resveratrol-infused tea may be yet to come. In the meantime, he says his e-commerce site has been flooded with orders for CoffVee since news of the product hit the internet earlier this week.

But even those who drink neither coffee nor wine still have choices when it comes to sipping beverages high in antioxidants: Medicinal mushroom tea (not the magical kind) is an option, as is matcha.

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