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The Biggest Pinterest Trends for 2016 Include DIY Distilling, Pour-Over Coffee

What will mason jar obsessives be pinning in the year ahead?

Pour-over: so hot right now
Pour-over: so hot right now
Chemex Coffeemaker/Facebook

Plenty of culinary trend forecasts have already been put forth for 2016 — spoilers: expect more chef-driven fast casual and fried chicken — but what about Pinterest? The insanely popular social media platform exists as a universe unto itself, where mason jars are a way of life and so-called "quick and easy" hair braids require the dexterity of a young piano prodigy. Here are Pinterest's projections for the top 10 food and drink trends pinners will go nuts for next year — and with 100 million users actively pinning in 2015, expect to see these many of these trends popping up offline too.

  1. Avocado Oil. It's apparently the new coconut oil, which was undoubtedly the most-worshipped natural product of 2015 (with proponents claiming it does everything from detoxing the blood to whitening teeth). Put it on your salad or smear it on your face — the choice is yours.

  2. DYOB: Distill Your Own Booze. Craft cocktails are so 2013. In the year 2016, all the cool mustachioed fedora-wearers will be making their own gin and whiskey (hopefully not in their bathtubs).

  3. DIY Artisan Olive Oils. Shoving herbs and citrus peel inside a bottle of olive oil and declaring it "artisan" may be a bit of a stretch, but then again chains like McDonald's have rendered the term empty and meaningless anyway. And if you have a decorative bottle of chili pepper-infused olive oil circa 1993 hidden away in a kitchen cabinet, consider yourself perfectly on-trend. The nineties really are back.

  4. Sweet to Savory. This phrase could denote a lot of different things, but Pinterest's example is a classic sweet dish — french toast — gone rogue with parmesan and hollandaise sauce. Perhaps savory crème brûlée will begin making dinner party cameos.

  5. Pour-over Coffee. The pour-over brewing method is already super popular in third-wave coffee shops, but expect to see more (careful lit and heavily filtered) at-home attempts popping up in your Pinterest feed in 2016.

  6. Snacking & Bento Boxes. Food just tastes better when it's shoved into six different tiny compartments. Plus, panda-shaped rice balls are exactly the type of frustratingly painstaking project that expert-level Pinterest users are drawn to.

  7. Gourmet Heritage Cuisines. Enough said. Will heirloom grit-loving Southern chef Sean Brock be the Pinterest culinary icon of 2016?

  8. Homebrews. As the craft beer industry continues to explode, expect more crafty drinkers to take matters into their own hands. (Extra points for serving it to your friends alongside a brunch of gourmet heritage savory french toast.)

  9. Beertails. Are beermosas the new mimosas? They are when you serve them in mason jars.

  10. Veggie Swaps. In 2016, cauliflower will take over the world as we know it. It's already masquerading as "rice" in low-carb sushi and "steak" for the meatless sect — what else can the oh-so-trendy cruciferous veg pretend to be?

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