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Wahlburgers Plans to Add 100 to 150 More Locations Over the Next Five Years

Marky Mark's burgers are coming to a city near you.

L-R: brothers Donnie, Paul, and Mark Wahlberg.
L-R: brothers Donnie, Paul, and Mark Wahlberg.
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In the time it takes you to read to the end of this sentence, the Mark Wahlberg-and-family burger business Wahlburgers will likely increase its expansion plans. A year ago, 27 expected locations in Florida and New York seemed massive; as of May 2016, 66 additions, including 20 in the Middle East, felt huge. And this month Wahlburgers CEO Rick Vanzura told Business Insider, "Over the next five years, the company plans to add 100 to 150 more locations."

The Massachusetts-based company, headed by celebrity brothers Mark, Donnie, and the chef of the family, Paul, recently opened restaurants in TorontoBoston proper, and Coney Island, New York (not worth a special trip, Eater critic Robert Sietsema concluded). The ambitious growth is partly due to the success of Wahlburgers, the chain's accompanying Emmy-nominated reality TV show, which "has certainly been a huge promotional vehicle," Vanzura said. The show has been renewed for at least two more seasons.

ManhattanPhiladelphiaOrlando, and more cities are already anticipating their own Wahlburgers franchises. The first planned Las Vegas branch can't seem to get its act together, though, and its future is uncertain. Still, if you're craving Wahlberg-branded burgers, there's a good chance they're coming to a city near you over the next few years.

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