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Watch an Exclusive Clip of 'Noma My Perfect Storm' Featuring René Redzepi

See it in full this Friday.

Here's an Eater exclusive clip of Noma My Perfect Storm, the long-awaited documentary about chef René Redzepi and his famed temple of New Nordic cuisine, the Copenhagen restaurant Noma.

The film chronicles Noma's quest to claw its way back to "Best Restaurant in the World" status after being displaced in 2013. Discussing the main thread of inspiration and the driving force behind his hallowed Denmark restaurant, Redzepi says it all comes back to "time and place."

"Everytime we are searching for new answers, we go back to that. Are we showing people where in the world we are and what time of the year we're in? It's very basic but so difficult to do on a daily basis," he says, accompanied by some seriously stunning food shots.

The film makes its U.S. theater debut on December 18, when it will also be available via iTunes, Amazon Video, and on demand. In the meantime, Redzepi certainly isn't kicking back: In addition to working on plans for a brand-new Noma — the restaurant is slated to close at the end of 2016 and reopen the following year in a new location that will include an urban farm — the chef is also preparing to open a new, more casual restaurant concept with chef Kristian Baumann called 108.