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Watch a Preview for the 'Mind of a Chef' Episode on David Kinch's Tasting Menu

It's called '25 Bites.'

In the next episode of Mind of a Chef, Manresa chef David Kinch shows what it takes to execute a proper tasting menu. Titled "25 Bites," the episode follows the 12 courses Kinch serves at his restaurant and documents how the food, service, and presentation make up a complete dining experience.

"A tasting menu is a sequence of carefully composed flavors and textures in optimal amounts, intended to get from there to here," narrator Anthony Bourdain explains in this preview. "The experience should be incremental, cumulative, balanced, bound together by location, season, ingredient. Twenty-five bites — they have to be perfect, better than perfect. Together, they need to say something the diner didn't know they needed to hear."

Kinch's celebrated tasting menus have earned his Bay Area restaurant the highest honor of three Michelin stars. Go, watch the preview and get an idea of why the chef is on top of his game.

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