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Beam Me Up, Booze: Ridiculous Star Trek Coasters For the Trekkie in Your Life

Kirk would approve.

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Finally, there's a worthy place to set down your glass of Klingon Warnog without leaving those pesky water rings on the table. Gizmodo reports that ThinkGeek has launched a line of Star Trek-themed transporter coasters that take that will take your booze to the next level, if not the next room.

The novelty coasters make materialization and dematerialization noises — or, for non-Trekkies, nifty space-age whirring sounds — when the U.S.S. Enterprise glasses are placed on and removed from the pad. A green light even beams into the glass transforming an otherwise ordinary drink into a glowing emerald elixir. The company notes that they're "also great for hamsters (fitted with earplugs)."

While the company hasn't yet devised a way to instantly transport matter, sci-fi fans can order four-packs of the transporter pads online for $29.99. Clearly they'd make the perfect stocking stuffer for the Trekkie in your life, particularly when paired with a bottle of Star Trek wine with Spock on the label.

Watch the coasters in action, below:

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