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Shake Shack Heads to Wales; Burger King Faces Wrongful Death Suit

Five things to know this Monday.

London's first Shake Shack
London's first Shake Shack
Julie Falconer

Happy Monday, the beautiful dream that was the weekend is officially over. If anyone tries to tell you today is National Bouillabaisse Day, ignore them and instead strike up a conversation about how famed prophesizer Nostradamus was born on this very day in 1503. Could Nostradamus have predicted the onslaught of ridiculous made-up food holidays that would eventually plague the Earth? Who knows.

In more timely news to kick off the week: Shake Shack is continuing its UK burger invasion, Burger King has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit, and some interesting new evidence has come to light in the Twin Peaks biker shootout case. Plus, restaurants are recycling booze, and did you know millennials are the future of farming?


Burger King Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Burger King

Burger King is being sued following a tragic incident that occurred at a Queens, N.Y. location. Back in September, a female customer suffered a seizure while locked in the restaurant's single-stall restroom; she was unable to reach the handle after falling on the floor, and her husband says he attempted to open the door from the outside only to have it break off in his hand. The family says that the woman suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen, and that "if they could’ve gotten the door open when she screamed for help, she’d still be alive." The family's attorney claims the door lock was "antiquated."

Image credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr


Shake Shack to Invade Wales Just in Time for Christmas

Shake Shack

Cardiff is getting crinkle fries for Christmas: The Welsh capital will soon be home to the country's very first Shake Shack. According to a tweet from Bloomberg's chief food critic, Richard Vines, Wales' outpost of the cult-favorite burger chain will open Tuesday, December 22 in St. David's shopping center. Another new Shake Shack is coming to the UK this winter, too: It's slated for London's New Oxford Street. (The first UK Shake Shack opened in London's Covent Garden back in 2013.)

Image credit: Julian Ortiz/Flickr


New Development in Twin Peaks Biker Gang Shootout Case

Twin Peaks

A May shootout between biker gangs at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas left nine people dead and 192 in jail, and also led to the breastaurant location being permanently closed. While the violent incident was originally purported to be a battle between rival gangs, the most recent development in the case indicates that police may have been responsible for nearly half of the deaths. The Associated Press reports evidence that four of the nine bikers who were killed "were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police," a .223.

Image credit: Ricky Brigante/Flickr


Millennials Are the Future of Farming

Farming Flickr

It's no secret that farming as a profession has been on the decline for decades — in fact, farmers make up less than two percent of the American population. And with a quarter of all American farmers set to retire in the next 10 years, who's going to grow all that food? The answer: millennials, of course. National Geographic reports on the new generation of farmers under 30 "who are coming to farming out of a desire to remake agriculture into smaller-scaled, regionally balanced, tech-friendly, and diverse." It's not an easy business, however, and an estimated 20 percent of new farmers abandoned the industry between 2007 and 2012 due to obstacles like high land prices and lack of credit. Thankfully, plenty of new organizations are popping up to ensure that budding young farmers get the support they need.

Image credit: Frank/Flickr


How Restaurants Are Reusing Leftover Booze

Wine Flickr

Some diners would never dream of abandoning their table with a half-full bottle of wine, but plenty do, meaning lots of pricey grape juice is poured down restaurant drains nightly. With an eye toward the growing movement of sustainability and reducing waste, some restaurants are finding ways to reuse that wine. (Not the stuff leftover in individual glasses, however — by law, that must be thrown out.) At RED Bar in the St. Louis Hyatt Regency hotel, leftover wine is turned into Sangria, and San Francisco's soon-to-open Bellota SF plans to turn it into vinegar. Other establishments are saving leftover citrus juice and pulp from the bar in order to make sherbet or marmalade.

Image credit: Faisal Akram/Flickr

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