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Watch Jacques Torres Sculpt Santa Claus Out of Chocolate

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Mr. Chocolate is here to make all your Christmas dreams come true.

Pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres is known as Mr. Chocolate in NYC because he oversees a Willy Wonka-like workshop of cookies, hot (and frozen) chocolate, truffles, confections, ice cream, and chocolate bon bons galore. Chocolate production at the Brooklyn-based factory ramps up every year around the holidays, and Torres is often seen zooming through the factory on a mini-scooter, overseeing hundreds of little helpers in dozens of chocolate-scented rooms.

There is something for every taste: spiced chocolate toffee; salty chocolate-covered pretzels and potato chips; caramelized macadamia nuts enrobed in milk chocolate; chocolate covered Cheerios; chocolate menorahs and gelt (certified Kosher); Christmas trees; and jolly Santas as far as the eye can see. Watch Torres demonstrate how he creates colorful decorative Santas out of milk, dark, white, and colored chocolate. It's quite a process, but Torres makes it look like a piece of (chocolate) cake.

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Jacques Torres Chocolate

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