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Tim Sackton/Flickr

For many people, feasting on a holiday goose is an annual event that's all about honoring tradition and spending time with loved ones. For others, it's merely about stuffing themselves with a metric crap-ton of food by any means necessary.

Such was the case for a crafty 38-year-old Czech man who recently gorged himself on free food at a Prague restaurant. After hiding in the restroom and waiting for the staff to leave for the night, the hungry stowaway came out in search of a royal meal. According to the Prague Post, the man enjoyed a meal of "six baked geese, weighing about five kilograms each, three ducks, a four liter jar of pickles, [and] six kilograms of goose fat and liver," plus several packages of butter as well as poppy seeds (for garnish, perhaps?). This was all washed down with "several" bottles of wine, naturally.

Unfortunately for the man, he lingered a little bit too long after dinner, probably because he was too stuffed to move: A cleaning woman arrived at 9 a.m. to discover the post-meal carnage and called the cops. While police say he failed to finish all the food, birds with bites taken out of them obviously couldn't be served to customers and therefore had to be trashed, resulting in total damages of around 20,000 CZK ($814 USD). The gourmand bandit is now facing the possibility of up to two years in prison.

The Czech goose culprit's spoils pale in comparison to those of a Florida barbecue bandit who struck in Jacksonville earlier this year, however: He managed to make off with $4,000 worth of chicken, ribs, and fries. Considerably less greedy were the Mother's Day robbers who snagged $29 and a ten-pound bowl of macaroni salad from a New York restaurant; unfortunately, they left a trail of the mayo-drenched side dish that led police straight to their hideout.

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