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Someone Built a Chicken McNugget Dispenser Out of Legos

Call it McInnovation.

Toy gumball machines are so out of date. For those who want to up their collection of coin-accepting food dispensers, the folks at Astonishing Studios have built a Lego contraption that spits out Chicken McNuggets. The cost for a four-pack: 2 Euros.

This video shows off the device and explains how it works, and it's really quite something. A receiver accepts only 2 Euro coins into the bank, rejecting other currency. Once the proper price is paid, out pops a container of McNuggets and a small tub of dipping sauce. The bank can be accessed via key on the back of the device. As for the electronics, a small light detects when a coin passes through and tips off the motor that drops the McNuggets and sauce out of storage.

Astonishing Studios calls the McNugget "the greatest invention since the Lego brick itself" — a debatable stance, to say the least. But if that is indeed the case, this Lego McNugget vending machine must rank up there with the world's greatest ideas.