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Racist Diner Spews Anti-Muslim Rhetoric, Assaults NYC Restaurant Workers

The man demanded to know the workers' religion.

Donald Trump's anti-Muslim agenda is inspiring some terrible behavior from likeminded racist Americans. On Monday, a man launched into a tirade and assaulted employees at Salt & Pepper Restaurant in New York City, reports the Daily News. Twenty-six-year-old Robert Murino demanded to know the religion of the employees, who hail from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Among the less savory lines Murino reportedly shouted during his attack:

  • "How do you feel about ISIS?"
  • "Are you a Muslim mother------?"
  • "You f-----g Muslim!"
  • "Why don't you tell me your religion?"

Salt & Pepper employee Lina Parvin has been with the restaurant for two years. She told the NYDN Murino appeared to be intoxicated when he started with verbal abuse, and eventually slapped and punched two employees. After he was escorted out, Murino returned to the restaurant and broke its glass partitions with a chair. He was later spotted at a nearby pizzeria and arrested.

Security footage shows a portion of the incident:

The incident in New York comes a month after an Applebee's diner in Minnesota assaulted another patron for speaking Swahili. That terrible example of a human reportedly declared, "When you're in America you should speak English."

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