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Considering plenty of jerks across America will leave 0 percent tips at restaurants without provocation, it's a bad idea for a server to give a diner a reason. It's especially bad if that restaurant is in a college town. And it's especially worse if the reason is the server insulted that college's football team. University of Nebraska wide receiver Brandon Reilly made a smart-mouthed server pay the price with the classic note-instead-of-tip move, writes The Big Lead.

No tip Nebraska

Reilly eventually deleted that tweet, but didn't back down from his decision to punish the server who had the nerve to disrespect his Cornhuskers.

Does Reilly have a point here? If his server is bad-mouthing the very football team he plays for, wouldn't that be considered pretty bad service? On the other hand, it's fairly petulant to withhold a tip from someone making less than minimum wage just because they have a bad sports take.

Either way, Reilly's move can't be worse than the jerk in New Jersey who wrote "LOL" instead of a tip on their restaurant check. It's certainly not as bad as the racists who leave scribbled slurs in lieu of tips.

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