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Starbucks' $200 Crystal-Encrusted Gift Cards Are Already Sold Out, Naturally

But you can still score a "crystal-adorned" thermos.

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Vajazzling may be a thing of the (embarrassing) past, but if Starbucks' online store is any indicator javajazzling, or bedazzling your coffee paraphernalia, is still very much in. Combining two of its most outrageous gifts from last year — sterling silver Starbucks card keychains and crystal-encrusted tumblers — this year the chain debuted a champagne-colored card with a keychain covered in Swarovski crystals.

Part of Starbucks' Brilliant Collection, which also includes a ceramic ornament coated with crystals, the $200 collectible card and keychain set "comes loaded with $50 and packaged in a beautiful gift box." Say this about it: It seems like a better value than the sterling silver keychain from last year, which sold for the same price.

The set even ships free — or it would, if it weren't already sold out online. Scoff all you want, but people keep snatching these things up, like two years ago when $450 rose gold metal cards sold out in secondsIf you're truly desperate to appease the Starbucks addict in your life this season, you'll either need to check the store finder for select Starbucks locations carrying this year's keychains or turn to eBay, where the items aren't currently listed much higher than their retail value. While you're at it, keep an eye out for the super rare 10-karat gold cards from last year, too.