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Watch David Kinch Prepare Sea Bream Sashimi for Eric Ripert

If Ripert is impressed by seafood, it must be good.

In this video from Mind of a Chef, David Kinch prepares a beautiful dish of sea bream sashimi and teaches seafood guru Eric Ripert a thing or two in the process. Kinch learned the techniques required for the dish while working in Japan, but also while staging in Europe, where he says "there was always a Japanese stage."

To compliment the fish, Kinch whips up a vinaigrette with a base made from cold-smoked bream bones, ginger, and dry saki. "Super interesting," Ripert proclaims. Kinch dresses the dish with the vinaigrette, thinly sliced cucumbers, pea shoots, white and black sesame seeds, and bush basil. Ripert, on the results: "It looks beautiful. This is an homage to the product and to your philosophy of cooking."