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Century-Old Beer Washes Up Off the Coast of Nova Scotia

Would you drink beer that had been aged at sea for 100 years?

While wine is known to get better with age, the same probably can't be said about beer — at least not beer that was bottled more than 100 years ago. That's unfortunate for Canadian diver Jon Crouse who, according to WAFB, found a bottle of Alexander Keith's beer that dates back to the years between 1872 to 1890, making it almost as old as Canada itself. The bottle — in remarkably good shape — was discovered under 10 feet of water and three feet of muck near the coast of Nova Scotia. Crouse, known for finding dozens of buried bottles throughout the years, dove down and came across the bottle boasting the Alexander Keith's insignia.

Crouse says he realized right away from the neck of the bottle that it was a relic. Employees at the Alexander Keith's brewery say even they have never seen a bottle that old. The fact that it wasn't damaged and beer remains in the bottle is impressive. However, most don't recommend drinking the century-old suds.

The next step will be for craft beer retailer Stillwell to test the contents of the bottle. The Canadian retailer has offered to do a free analysis of the beer to determine what ingredients were used to create the brew more than a century ago. There are no details on how long such a test might take or what results it may find, though it certainly wasn't created with technology as fancy as the "Keurig of home brewing."

Alexander Keith's shared the discovery on its Facebook page: